About us

BETATHERM Ltd has been making steel heaters since its foundation in 1990. In those years only bathroom towel warmers were prepared then in 2003 we added designed radiators to our repertoire. Our products are available in various sizes and colours in order to fulfill all possible demands of our customers.

Over the past twenty years our company has become widely known not only in the Hungarian, but in the European market as well. Our initial export activities took place in Germany and Switzerland and nowadays it has been extended to the UK, the Netherlands and even to Japan. Commitment to quality, focusing more on customers’ needs and enlarging our product range are the basis of our success.

Our principle is that radiators should not only provide heat but also function as an interior design element. A radiator can be a lot more than a lifeless object. Apart from making your home warm and cosy it can be a piece of furniture of the environment if it is placed on the wall or used as a screen to separate places. You name it – we make it.

The cornerstones of our success lie in the fact that we are devoted to quality, place great emphasis on our customers’ needs and provide an extensive range of products.

All our radiators come with a CE Certificate of Compliance and a five-year guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

Currently there are 70 employees working for Betatherm Ltd. who are committed to bringing a perfect quality radiator to your home designed especially for your interior.


Words from the CEO

“It is always a great pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our company and our products.

I believe that communication with our customers and partners is extremely important and it is one of the key elements that make us a successful company. Their feedback greatly contributes towards the development of our goods and provides us that we are on our way.

By manufacturing a wide range of merchandise we are able to meet the specific demands of our clients. If you have an idea or dream – we have the experience, the technology and the equipment to make it reality. We don’t ask how it is possible – we make it possible. Our target is to bring design and function to an integrated unit so it satisfies all your needs and becomes a stylish element of your home."